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7 step of refinishing

  1. We Remove any silicone Caulking that is overlapping onto fixture , as well we usually remove any drain covers such as a hair strainer & Over flow Lever if equipped and we insert a small towel into these openings to prevent any particles of old paint that would possibly clog your drain.
  2. We then Set up a Ventilation System and vent either trough a window or door nearest the bathroom this is done with a professional ventilation system especially made for our profession .
  3. The Surrounding areas are then covered with paper and or plastic and attached using masking tape to protect the immediate area from over spray . and of course we use painters tape on all painted surfaces.
  4. The Bathtub or Fixture is then Acid etched & Wet Sanded to a smooth finish after this is completed the area is inspected for any defects which are then filled and sanded smooth until they are unnoticeable .
  5. The Drain is then covered with masking tape and the surface is dried with an alcohol based prep agent to remove any impurities . In addition the surface is wiped down with a dust eliminating tack cloth
  6. We Now Inspect the surface to make sure all imperfections have bee rectified we then proceed with priming and sealing the surface . At this point we will inspect the surface to assure that the fixture is ready for the final stages of completion.
  7. After primer and sealer have had enough time to cure we then finish off with several coats of a thick high gloss finish that is sprayed on in a series of light coats to prevent any drips or running of glaze.
    Typically the average life span of a refinished fixture is approximately 10 to 15 Years.

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