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Are you tired of looking at your worn-out bathtub? Does it have stains, scratches, or just an outdated color? Before you consider replacing it entirely, you might want to explore the option of bathtub glazing.
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Bath Tub Reglazing

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We are a company built on a reputation of integrity and honesty, known for our loyal obligation to take care of our customers. we take pride in exceeding our customers expectations. We deliver what we promise with no surprises, just good dependable honest and prompt service.

We use the most advanced and efficient methods and materials available and offer a written warranty. We are highly skilled and trained in all areas of refinishing and are factory certified.

Our 6-Step Process Helps You To Revitalize Your Bathroom

Bathtub glazing involves the application of a new coating over the existing surface of your bathtub. This coating is typically made of materials like epoxy, polyurethane, or acrylic, depending on the specific product and process used by the technician. The goal is to create a smooth, glossy finish that not only enhances the appearance of your bathtub but also provides a protective layer against future damage.

1. Preparation

Before the glazing process begins, the bathtub needs to be thoroughly cleaned and any existing caulking or seals removed. Any chips or cracks in the surface are repaired, and the surrounding area is masked off to protect against overspray.

2. Etching

In some cases, especially with porcelain or ceramic bathtubs, the surface may need to be etched to promote adhesion of the new coating. This involves the use of abrasive materials or chemicals to roughen the surface slightly.

3. Priming

A bonding agent or primer is applied to the bathtub surface to ensure proper adhesion of the glaze. This step is crucial for long-lasting results.

4. Glazing

The glazing material is applied in multiple layers using specialized spray equipment. Each layer is allowed to dry before the next one is applied, typically requiring several coats to achieve the desired thickness and finish.

5. Curing

Once the final coat has been applied, the bathtub needs to cure for a specified period. This allows the glaze to harden and fully bond to the surface, ensuring durability and longevity.

6. Finishing Touches

After curing, any masking is removed, and the bathtub is ready for use.

Benefits of

Bathtub Glazing

If your bathtub is looking worn out, don’t despair. Consider the benefits of bathtub glazing and transform your bathroom without breaking the bank. At Bathtub Reglazing Experts, our expert technicians are here to help you achieve stunning results that will leave you loving your bathtub again.

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Bathtub glazing is a fraction of the cost of replacing your bathtub, making it a budget-friendly option for bathroom renovations.


Unlike replacement, which can take days or even weeks to complete, bathtub glazing can typically be done in a single day, minimizing disruption to your daily routine.


A properly glazed bathtub can last for years with proper care, providing excellent value for your investment.

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Frequently Ask Questions

Refinishing a Bathtub normally takes approximately two to three hours.

We use the highest Quality top coat that bonds directly to the tub. It has the same look and feel of a new tub.
Next day use with our premium synthetic topcoat
We can fix cracks, rust, scratches, dull spots, chips, pits stains and mostly all imperfections.
Yes, they both describe the act of preparing and refinishing porcelain, tile or laminate fixtures.
It will not have brush marks or drips. The topcoat material is applied with a spray gun that leaves a super-smooth, high gloss finish.
No problem. In fact, that’s one of the major reasons fixtures are refinished. Part of the process is fixing all types of damage. Contact us and we’ll be happy to give you our professional opinion.
More than likely shortcuts were taken during the preparation process. This results in a weak bond between the topcoat and the previous finish. We meticulously prepare the surface so the bond is super strong resulting in years of use. We don’t skip steps and we use the best materials money can buy.
DIY kits are limited in strength and durability. They usually fail within a month or two. They typically consist of an epoxy coating that takes up to 5 days to dry and yellows significantly over time. Most kits are rolled or brushed on the fixture, giving an unsightly looking amateur finish. Some kits are sprayed on with an aerosol can, causing uneven coverage, . The mirror-like finish you really want cannot be achieved without proper training and experience and professional spray equipment.

Any time you have painting done in your home there will be some lingering paint odors for about four to six hours. We minimize these odors by using a sophisticated exhaust system that vents all odors to the outside while we work. Some companies use a box fan. That’s simply not enough.

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