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Practical reasons to refinish your tub or shower


What’s involved with replacing the average bathtub? Let’s look. First you have the cost to remove and dispose of construction debris. Then there’s the cost of a new tub. Now begins the carpentry work on the walls or floor. And finally there’s the cost of the plumber. After all of these expenses are taken into account, you can see how Reglazing your tub or shower is the intelligent choice.

Out dated colors

Tired of the same old color of your old Bathroom? We carry kohler colors to update your bathroom fixtures. Can’t find the the perfect color in a new fixture? We can match the reglazing to any color that you desire.

Repair Unsightly Chips or Damage

Before we refinish any bathtub or shower, we thoroughly inspect all surfaces for chips and scratches. Even scratched surfaces, dulled by years of cleaning with abrasive cleaners, will appear like new. Large chips and gouges can be filled in prior to reglazing, restoring the fixtures original contour. This process is especially useful when restoring antique claw-foot tubs which usually have many chips and flaws due to their age.

Ease of Cleaning

After years of use, the surfaces of your tub or shower can become pitted and lose their smooth finish. This creates tiny areas where dirt and soap scum collect, dulling the finish even more and making it difficult to keep clean. The reglazing process restores your tub or shower to it’s original finish, greatly reducing the time and effort to keep them clean.

Minimal Time to Complete

Replacing your tub or shower can take days or even weeks. Our skilled technicians will have you using your newly refinished tub the next day. The fast turn around time for our reglazing process is especially important in commercial environments such as hotels, where downtime is not only inconvenient, it can be particularly costly.

Maximize the Value of Your Home

Don’t let the poor condition of your bathroom fixtures reflect poorly on the value of your home. Compared to replacing, reglazing can refreshen the look of your old tub or shower for a fraction of the cost. A newly refinished bathroom can greatly affect the selling price of a home with only a minimal investment.

The Environmentally Sound Choice

Why send perfectly good bathroom fixtures to the landfill when all you want to do is change the color. You not only produce less waste by reglazing your tub, but also conserve the energy and resources needed to produce and install the new bathroom fixtures.

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